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Starting a Business: Step 2 – The Website

This is where it gets real. Your website is your public face to the world so you want to make sure you put your best foot forward. When someone comes to your homepage, they should immediately know who you are, what you do, and what you want them to do next (this is called a call…
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step one to start a business

Starting a Business: Step 1 – The Idea

The first thing you need when you want to start a business is an idea. It doesn’t even need to be a “good” idea. Most businesses aren’t in the business of reinventing the wheel or making the next big social media platform. Most business owners get into what they like and what they know. There…
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How to Upgrade Sage Fixed Assets Network – Depreciation

Talking to Sage support, you’d think that upgrading Sage Fixed Assets was rocket science. They’ve got so many versions of their software, it can be confusing knowing what to install. Their site’s interface isn’t very helpful either. After going through their convoluted 30 page booklet of instructions for the upgrade, I followed these steps: First and…
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