Take the guesswork out of starting a business.

Start a business with none of the bs.


I want to take the confusion out of starting a business. You can start even with no budget and no experience.

I’ve created marketing plans for multi-million dollar businesses all the way down to sole proprietor sites. The fact is that you DON’T NEED all these products people try to sell you. You can do it for just the cost of hosting a website.


A few things I’m great at

I have years of experience building internet businesses from scratch. Whether you’re starting fresh or just need some help getting out of a rut, I can help. I’ve used all the marketing tools under the sun and can tell you which are great and which are bogus.


I’ve built sites using everything from pure html to WordPress. I can build and market a site on just about any platform. I can show you how to do it as inexpensively as possible.


I’ve built and marketed to email lists as big as 400,000 people. I’ve used Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Mailchimp, ConstantContact, Lyris and others.


Facebook to Twitter to Instagram. I’ve marketed on them all. I’ve used all the tools, some good some bad, and I can tell you how to succeed as inexpensively as possible.


I’ve used Amazon, Google cloud, Hostgator, Inmoment, DigitalOcean and many others. I can tell you the ins and outs of all of them.


The Secret of Success

The secret to success isn’t a marketing book, it isn’t following the right people on social media. The secret of success is hustling. It’s not always easy and nothing that’s truly valuable ever is. There are a few things you absolutely need.


You can’t have an online business without being online.


It could be a book, a widget, an app, or even knowledge. But you need something to sell.


You need a reason for doing what you’re doing. Not just to make money, but a true reason.


You need to have an opinion. Be the expert in your field. And you need a way to project your voice to the masses.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

Jed is one of those valuable professionals whose job is also their hobby. He consistently brought innovative improvements to GoCertify, many of which we implemented. He is a self-starter and a capable project manager. His willingness to think outside the box combined with a superlative tech savvy approach to day to day challenges helped us move quickly forward as a newly acquired company. Thanks to his efforts, we were able to outpace many better funded and more established competitors. Working with Jed has been a pleasure.

Rocky Steele

CEO, Ascend Education

He’s someone you can trust to get the job done, even in tough situations. I’ve seen him solve complex virus attacks, quickly restore websites that have crashed, and work long into the night to make sure a campaign gets successfully released. Jed has a strong grasp on all the current Tech trends and has provided valuable marketing decisions for our team that have greatly influenced our products success.

Jordan Jones

Creative Director, GoCertify

He is good with technology not only because it is his job, it is also his hobby. He spent many years in a support capacity, helping others to troubleshoot problems using the latest operating systems and applications. He’s good with people. He is interested in helping others succeed. Jed takes initiative to teach himself new skills. He is not afraid to speak his mind when he sees a process that can be improved, and he accepts criticism as an opportunity to grow and improve. I’m glad to know him and to work with him.

Mason Willard

Senior QA Engineer, TestOut

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